The Roastery Cafe - closure

Our final trading day at the Roastery Café will be Wednesday March 1st.

We are so proud of this little space and its ability to share love, connection and community with all those who enter it. We have met, served and formed connections with so many people over the five and a half years that the café has been operating - it is hard for us to fathom that it will no longer be.

We are guessing that a few people are going to want to know the 'why', and no doubt there will be lots of different versions of our 'why' circulating within the community - what we can tell you is this -

It is not because our community didn't come to the café enough - our community is amazing! It is not because we weren't busy - we were quite often run off our feet! It is not because of personal circumstances - after all, this is team work. And all though it hasn't helped - it is not because of the incredibly slow small business support from the 'powers that be', post Gabrielle.

It is to do with sustainability. Closing the café helps us to take better care of ourselves and to be more positively impactful for our business, our community and our planet. Here's the low-down..

  • Mr Clifton's will remain open and we will still be at the Farmers Market, so our community can gather, share and grow connections and still be a wonderful part of what we are doing.

  • The Roastery will still be operating and we will continue to dispatch and deliver coffee. Closing the café creates the opportunity to explore different growth options for our business, ourselves and our staff.

  • We want to be able to do more good things within our community, support others who are doing good things and maybe create some good things ourselves.

  • Closing the café helps us to significantly reduce our plastic and single use cup waste - we are really stoked to be able to do this.

Change can sometimes feel tricky - especially when it is sad and when we are used to sticking to the status quo. We are proud to have come to this space of change and to lead our own way forward. It hasn't been easy! But it is made simpler by knowing that we are still moving forward, we are creating space to try new things and we are still able to support and be a part of our amazing community.

We wouldn't be here without you or our amazing staff past and present, and for that we are so grateful x

Please join us as we bid farewell to this beautiful little space. For the very last time, the café will be open for all the good stuff - Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 1st, 8am to 3pm xx

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often"
- Winston Churchill.

- For information regarding vouchers or store credits please click HERE
- All items on our retail shelves will be 20% off - now's the time to grab yourself a re-useable cup or a lovey gift : )