If we were cool enough to be hipsters we'd describe ourselves as 'Speciality-Coffee Micro Roasters'. However, we aren't ones to squeeze ourselves into boxes we don't fit in, so we like to think of ourselves as a couple of folk who love coffee, who want to be kind to the earth, support our local economy and have enough time in the day to take a moment, breathe and enjoy life. 

That's not to say our days aren't full! Our Roastery is open to the public Tuesday to Friday 8am - 3pm for coffee, coffee supplies, machinery and something light to eat. Every Saturday we run a Coffee Cart at the Gisborne Farmers Market where we sell espresso and filter drinks, plus coffee for home. We also have a large coffee delivery service where we deliver coffee throughout Gisborne for home or office use, and we supply a number of local cafes and businesses.

We have an awesome assortment of customers both domestic and commercial. We wouldn't be here without their support and it is them that make the whole Far East story tick.

We have a combined 20 years experience in the coffee industry and we aim to provide our customers with exceptional coffee that is lovingly created in small batches. We are committed to using green beans that are not only organic but are purchased in a trading environment that adheres to all the principles of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

On this website you will find an assortment of our favourite bits and pieces that represent our Far East loves - coffee, life and sunshine - you can find these and more in our General Store.

When we're not wearing our coffee hats you can find us at the beach, in the garden or listening to music.. we love hanging out with our two boys and adventuring as a family.. we couldn't think of a better place to live than this little slice of paradise we call home.

Read an article about us that recently featured in The Gisborne Herald here.