Live . Breathe . Coffee. It is with a huge amount of intention that these three words are written in this way and in this order. When we finally decided to take the 'plunge' and commit fully to this business we set ourselves some clear guidelines.

Live - we needed to make a conscious decision to put the life of our family first. We needed to make sure that we took time for ourselves and enjoyed all the things we longed for when we moved away from the city - little things like nipping out for a quick surf after roasting, or admiring the clarity of the hills just before the rain comes. We wanted to give our boys the opportunity to grow their own loves, and as a family learn how to live slowly and with integrity.

Breathe - we needed to remember to take a moment to stop. We needed to remember to be thankful for the positive and learn from the negative. We wanted to breathe through the everyday and remember to take the time to celebrate our successes and the awesome connections we have made.

Coffee - obviously this is the vehicle that is going to make it possible to do all these things. We made a commitment to providing our customers with the best product and service we could as we set about holding Far East's 'hand' as it lead us on a journey... we are learning to let go of the control and let it take us where it wants to go.

Coffee is the simple part - the living and breathing takes some practice! It's not all idyllic and easy, but it's ours and we do it our way.

❤ Giving Back 
About 13 years ago w
e became really conscious of the impact the coffee industry was having on the coffee farmers. As employees at this time, we found that the industry as a whole wasn't ready to embrace another trading system or look a little closer at the impact the trading system was having on producers.

We wanted to find a way to contribute positively and we chose to (and still do) sponsor a child in a coffee growing region. To us, this was one small way in which we could make positive change.

Now that we own a coffee company, it is our pleasure to provide you with a little bean that can take you on a journey of change. From the farm to your cup, you are now able to make change through the choices you make. And through simple choices too - like the coffee you drink.

Our coffee is a Far East combination of beans sourced from South America, Central America and Africa. All our beans are certified organic at the farm gate and traded using the principles of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

It is important for us to provide you with coffee knowing that the farmers are paid a fair price and are supported beyond the sales transaction. We want to know that the earth is taken care of and in our own small way we can all have a positive impact through the choices we make.

❤ Love Local
You may have already guessed it, but we are quite smitten with our little Far East paradise. We believe that keeping money circulating within our region is key to the sustainability and vibrancy of where we live. A robust economy will never be nurtured if we are constantly spending outside of the area.

At Far East we are committed to supporting other local businesses. We hope that by keeping at least a little of the 'dollar' circulating locally, businesses will see it returning through their doors time and time again. 

A really big thing for us is to establish a business without ego, and a business with integrity. It's really hard sometimes to stay humble and be thankful, but we try!

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