There are a myriad of tutorials and you tube clips available online to show you how to make the perfect brew.

Practices can vary greatly but we believe once you get the basics sussed, it's not about following strict guidelines, it's about making coffee how you like it. Whether you are using a coffee machine with all the bells and whistles, or simply 'winging' it with a plunger.. as long as you are enjoying the final product, that's what counts.

We are more than happy to give our customers advice on how to get the best flavours out of their coffee, so get in touch if you have any queries. In the meantime, here are a couple of how-to videos and tutorials that will get you on your way...

AeroPress - Stumptown's VideoTutorial

AeroPress - AeroPress' Written Instruction

Hario V60 Dripper - Hario's Video Tutorial

Chemex - Chemex's Written Tutorial

French Press / Plunger - Stumptown's Video Tutorial