Free and Easy Blend

Free and Easy Blend


People pay good money and travel many miles for the experience Gisborne offers - a slower pace, deserted beaches, copious amounts of sunshine hours... and beauty at every turn, even in winter - beautiful!

We moved here from Wellington because we longed for the freedom and easiness that places like Gisborne can provide. We wanted to stop rushing and have the time to lift our heads above the everyday. 

Through Far East, we want to remind people that they too can take the time to stop and look.

When you’ve had your first sip and that little sigh escapes from your lips, we want you to relax in that moment, lift your head above the day to day and open your eyes. We want you to notice that beauty is everywhere.

And that is what we hope you will find in this little bag of beans - Yes this blend is smooth and full-bodied with citrus notes and a cocoa finish. Yes it is organic and fair trade. Yes it is used and enjoyed both domestically and commercially. And yes, we are one small fish in the big coffee pond. But, this little bag of coffee goodness, with its special blend of beans, has a hint of something else – it is also filled with opportunities to stop, take a moment and see the beauty that surrounds you.

It is called ‘Free and Easy’ and it is how life should be.

  ❤ A Far East Original

• Carefully crafted to suit all brew methods. Each
   method extracting different characteristics
   from the blend allowing versatility without
   compromising flavours.
• Use within 3 weeks of roast date

  We believe coffee should be purchased in the same way as artisan bread - fresh is best, buy in small quantities, often.