All Good - Oat Milk x2 1litre cartons
All Good - Oat Milk x2 1litre cartons

All Good - Oat Milk x2 1litre cartons


Made especially for a fantastic flat white, by our friendly banana people at All Good, this Barista Oat Milk is blended to make a super-silky micro-foam, stretching beautifully without splitting. And, when it comes to the all-important drinking, its light on oatiness and surprisingly, well milky.

Made with with real oats, squished and squeezed to keep the beta-glucans in. It’s dairy free, GMO & soy free and unsweetened. It's is good for you and our planet.

You will receive x2 1litre cartons of milk with this purchase

  ❤ A Far East Favourite

Maintaining the flavour of the coffee is key for us and unlike other Oat Milks on the market this one doesn't give your coffee that 'porridge' flavour.
Whether you are steaming to a silky perfection or you are pouring it over your muesli  we love this Oat Milk as a replacement to dairy and other milk alternatives. 

Oat Milk is one of the most sustainable plant milks to produce, as it requires less water to grow and produces fewer C02 emissions.