Yirgacheffe Single Origin

Yirgacheffe Single Origin


If your coffee ritual involves preparing your brew with a French Press (Plunger), Chemex or Filter then the our Single Origin Yirgacheffe is roasted especially for you!

Yirgacheffe originates from the birthplace of coffee - Grown in the southern central part of Ethiopia, this coffee is distinct in flavour with it's sweet citrus and mocha tones.

When brewed through a French Press (Plunger), Chemex or Filter the result is a light bodied, fresh, clean drink that highlights the best flavours in the brew.

Unlike our Free and Easy Blend, where the combination of coffees we use playoff one another's different characteristics, the single origin bean can stand alone and let its best features shine.

❤ Organic and Fair Trade

• We love how the flavours develop as
   the coffee ages
• Use within 3 weeks of roast date

  We believe coffee should be purchased in the same way as artisan bread - fresh is best, buy in small quantities, often.